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We know the challenges you face in designing and building your application. We also know that some parts, like search, should be quick and easy so you have more time to focus on other areas.

Search Demon to the rescue! We offer the only real-time, extremely fast, super scalable, cost effective search solution on the market.

We are the only for real, Real-Time search solution on the market. Don't know what real-time search is, no problem, check out information page and learn why you need this feature!

Search Demon is the only search solution on the market to offer search 'As A Service'. This means you get a powerful Enterprise level product with the benefits of an 'on-demand' pricing model and only pay for what you need!)

We guarantee the fastest deployment time. With a valid API key you can start utilizing all of Search Demon's powerful search solutions, in minutes…no need to set up and configure hardware, no need to 'build' a search solution, just connect and go.

We scale. Okay, I know, other products say they can scale as well, but what makes us different is that we scale in real-time. This means you don't have to buy new servers, set them up, configure them, test them, deploy…which can take weeks or months. Nope, with our scaling solution you can add more capacity with the click of a mouse. (Another really cool thing about 'As A Service' model!)

We are very cost effective. Search Demon grows with you, so you only pay for the services you use when you need them. No need to buy expensive servers in anticipation of future growth…or use resources on servicing, upgrades, maintenance, etc…we've got you covered. Just pick the appropriate level your company currently needs and go…if you grow, awesome, we can can instantly scale to meet your needs. This means you didn't pay for stuff when you didn't need it. And lets be honest, our prices are amazing!