What is ‘Real-Time’ search?

Feb 13

Real-time search is when information that has been submitted to the system is instantly available to other users in their search. This information does not go into limbo until a prescheduled ‘indexing’ effort kicks off.

Search Demon is a true ‘real-time’ search solution. As soon as you commit data to the index it is instantly available to all your users. Other companies claim to have real-time functionality, but we caution you to investigate exactly what they define ‘real-time’ to mean. Some actually believe it is the responsiveness of your search (auto complete). But again, they are simply showing data that has undergone the ‘indexing’ effort mentioned above. They aren’t showing you items that were just input into the system.

Real-time search is critical if your users require the most up-to-date information possible.

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